By and large, LivePerson is an excellent chatbot provider and offers a comprehensive conversational AI solution. LivePerson works with many Fortune 500 companies along with thousands of small and mid-sized businesses to build and optimize AI-powered chatbots.

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

The LivePerson conversational AI platform includes a wide range of capabilities. Conversation Builder, the company's self-service chatbot building platform, makes it easy to build automated conversations using a point-and-click interface. Maven, the company’s AI-engine, works behind-the-scenes using advanced natural language understanding to detect intents and route conversations to the appropriate bots or human agents that are best equipped to handle the conversation.

Administrative platform

LivePerson’s conversational platform handles hosting, monitoring, routing, and management processes to deploy and optimize chatbots. Human agents and bots work together in a single web-based workspace to handle conversations across every messaging channel. And with the ability to monitor bot conversations in real-time, agents can intervene when necessary to maintain a positive consumer experience and to help improve bot performance over time.

Every aspect of each conversation is tracked within LivePerson’s conversational platform, including the duration, sentiment and CSAT, consumer intents, and even customizable outcomes such as conversions. LiveEngage offers robust out-of-the-box analytics along with the ability to build custom reports that align to your specific KPIs to easily measure return on investment.

Consumer experience

LivePerson offers a wide range of chat and messaging channels that are fully compatible with it’s AI-powered chatbots. These channels consist of messaging directly on a brand’s website or mobile app, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Line and more. A single chatbot can run simultaneously on multiple digital messaging channels.


In addition to LivePerson's suite of proprietary AI technology, they offer unmatched bot development and optimization expertise. LivePerson harnesses 20 years of messaging transcript data, the industry’s largest conversation data set, to create a unique view of the most common intents for each industry and the different ways they're expressed.


LivePerson pricing varies depending on chatbot use cases, chat and messaging channels, advanced management capabilities, and the approach a business decides to take when building and optimizing bots. LivePerson has both self-service tools to build and optimize AI-powered chatbots — and a team of AI & machine learning experts that can be hired to provide white-glove bot building service.