LiveChat scores highly with us mainly for the platform's ease of use and superior customer service. One of the great features is that LiveChat's seats can be shared among different workers provided they are not trying to log in at the same time.

The service is also on the lower end price-wise when compared to its competitors. Their live customer support reps are knowledgeable and helpful, and the entire interface is easy to navigate, administrate, and set up.

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

LiveChat uses AI's learning abilities to streamline the process for agents using its services. The service uses ai to offer smart tag suggestions during chats. Tagged chats allow users to categorize conversations and access them later on. This is especially relevant when they have multiple chats happening at once, which is more than often the case.

LiveChat's AI component suggests tags automatically and learns to be more accurate as it goes. In order to start the process, it will first need 100 tagged chats as an example. But once up and running it can become a time saving tool that allows customers to get quicker and more accurate answers. 

Administrative platform

Managing agent accounts in LiveChat is easy. The interface allows you to invite team members and monitor their statistics and activity, and also group users based on similar skills and strengths.

LiveChat's administrative control allows supervisors to assign the number of concurrent chats any agent may engage in (1-99 chats). Furthermore, administrators can create custom roles for access and permissions, and assign individuals or groups to those roles.

Since many agents work remotely, a useful administrative feature is the work scheduler, which allows supervisors to set hours of use for the employees. 

Consumer Experience

Rare for Chatbot providers, LiveChat is a BBB accredited business. It also carries an A+ grade and has no negative reviews. Positive reviews are glowing, with customers routinely citing the quality of the product, its flexibility, as well as the knowledge and responsiveness of the customer service staff.


LiveChat has four plan levels which charge per logged in agent. All plans come with unlimited agent accounts and most with unlimited chat history.

Prices here are per seat (number of agents that can log in at the same time) when billed annually. All LiveChat's plans except for Enterprise can be billed month-to-month as well, but it will be slightly more expensive.