Hubspot quite literally wrote the book on inbound marketing and the length and breadth of its expertise shows in the way chatbots are integrated into the company's CRM suite. For customers who want to use chatbots as a component of an overall inbound marketing strategy, Hubspot provides some of the most sophisticated applications on the market.

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

Hubspot chatbots can qualify leads, schedule meetings, perform conversions, and provide customer support 24/7/365. Hubspot chatbots work in tandem with the company's live chat applications. The integration between the two systems ensures that chatbots will only hand off communications to live agents who are at work at that time.

Chatbots can be deployed on almost any social media or messaging system in use today, including Kik, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, and many others. Hubspot's chatbot builder can be used by the the customer to create a bot that particularly fits the customer's needs and to give the bot the personality that fits the brand identity.


HubSpot makes a many of its products available for free--including its CMS and its chatbot application. The company charges for add-ons such as HubSpot Sales and HubSpot Marketing and for the training that goes with it. 

Summed up

Hubspot may not offer the best options for those who want a chatbot as a stand-alone feature. However, those who want to use chatbots as part of a comprehensive marketing and communications platform would be hard-pressed to find a better, more integrated chatbot development kit.