Dialogflow gives developers the ability to program powerful conversational experiences powered by artificial intelligence. The company has two product offerings, Standard and Enterprise editions.

The Standard package is free. The company also offers a significant level of integration opportunities with such platforms as Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

Dialogflow's "agents" can be seen as natural language understanding (NLU) modules. These modules are integrated into a client's app, website, or service to interpret a customer's requests.

Dialogflow agents also have the capability to manage and direct the flow of conversations in a natural way. Customers can also avail themselves of several prebuilt agents that can be built upon in order to customize the conversational interface of your bot, app, or device. 

Administrative Platform

Dialogflow's integrated editor is a portal powered by Cloud Functions for Firebase. The company includes resource allocation off the bat and developers only need to begin coding.

Once agent fulfillment has been established, default fulfillment must be set up for each intent. The platform uses a high-level interface that requires a certain level of coding and development skill, it is not recommended you deploy a Dialogflow conversational experience without staff of sufficient acumen. 

Consumer Experience

Dialogflow can establish a conversational app across 14 platforms with just one click, giving customers access regardless of what they are using. Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Line, Skype, Twilio, Twitter, Viber are all supported platforms. 


Dialogflow uses years of natural language understanding research to understand a user's intent and create a seamless customer experience.

A pioneer in the human-machine interaction space, they are perhaps best known for launching the Assistant (by Speaktoit), which a previous voice assistant component for Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

The company was bought by Google in 2016 and currently uses its long expertise to provide developer apps via Google Assistant virtual assistant. 


Dialogflow's Standard Edition is 100% free. The company also offers an Enterprise Edition for those customers that need enterprise-level support.

Pricing for this will depend on several factors, and you'll need to get a personalized quote from the company.