Cliengo is a great alternative for small and large businesses alike, since their basic services are free, their professional services are cost-effective, and can be easily integrated into other platforms, including CRMs, Facebook Lead Ads, Google AdWords, and Zapier. The chatbot is easy to customize, so it can adapt a customer's particular needs, and it can help them manage prospective customers easy and efficiently, no matter how many websites they have. Unfortunately, the company has little to no reviews online, so there is no solid way of measuring Cliengo's customer service or support.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

Cliengo's chatbot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to simulate human conversations and interactions. The AI turns automatically when a visitor spends a determined amount of time on the client's website, engaging proactively to obtain their data, including name, phone number, and email. The AI can recognize words and sentence structure, and can be customized to generate specific greetings, questions and responses, as well as tone and language.

Since the chatbot's AI works 24/7,  it can secure potential customers at any time without the need of a real chat operator. Additionally, to install Cliengo's chatbot, you only need to copy and paste its installation code, so coding knowledge is necessary. 

Administrative platform

Cliengo's client manager platform lets users administer various lead-related elements, including lead profiles, ratings, conversation details, representative allocation, and sale status. Additionally, the platform lets users configure their chatbot to their particular needs, including aesthetic elements like chatbox color and robot name, and technical aspects like default language, triggered response setup, conversation tone, initial greeting, conversation closure, and final message.  

The client manager also lets users manage all information with ease, since it allows them to filter lead info, add new clients, export contacts into .csv and .dls formats, view and manage clients from each website they have. 

Consumer Experience

Since Cliengo has been on the market for only four years, there is little online information regarding consumer experience. The company does not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or with Trustpilot, and there are little to no reviews online.


With four plan levels, Cliengo's chatbot services are available to companies of all sizes. Their basic service is completely free and supports one user, one website, and up to 10 leads per month, making it a great choice for customers that are starting out and who want to increase their customer outreach. The rest of Cliengo's other plans include third-party integration and livechat, differing only in the lead and user number cap. Customers who opt for their full plan also benefit from unlimited users, although only 10 can be online at the same time. Additionally, Cliengo offers custom-made plans for customers who want a bigger leads, websites and user caps. Prices for custom plans will depend on how much more a customer wants, so it's important to get a quote from Cliengo before choosing this plan.  

Cliengo does not have any services or maintenance fees, so customers only pay the amount stated on their plan. Billing is processed ona 30-day basis and can be set monthly or yearly, with lead count resetting at the end of each cycle. Yearly subscribers get a 30% discount on all plans, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, customers can change or cancel their payment plan at any time, and the chatbot has a 14-day free trial that is automatically moved to a free, basic plan if no other payment plan is chosen.