Bold360 offers all-inclusive chatbot plans that are designed to improve all aspects of customer experience.

The company particularly shines with speed of communication, and intelligent integration of bots and live agents. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

Bold360 builds AI into every customer self-service and agent interaction.

Its technology is developed to require little setup and work right out of the box.

The company's AI begins learning right from the first customer interaction, identifying possible snag points and gaps in programming.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can accommodate unconstrained conversations where customers can ask questions naturally.

Bold 360 also features the most integrated chatbot and live agent software; intelligent routing creates a seamless hand off so agents can deliver higher level assistance should it be required.

Administrative Platform

Bold360 offers a suite of administrative tools that allow users with permission to access security features, reporting, routing, and testing.

What's more, the system offers a high degree of channel management.

From just one interface, users can have control over the entire platform.

This includes managing all chats, email, Twitter, SMS, online self-service, and all other channels all from the same place.

Consumer Experience

Bold360 offers a customer experience where they can ask questions and get the specific answers they need every time.

The company aims for customers never to have to dig through an FAQ again.

In order to make the chat experience as helpful as possible for the consumer, Bold360 follows customers along as they move from page to page.

In this process the system captures crucial information to deliver the most personalized service possible.

Data points can include frequency of visit, how they arrived at the site, geographic location, etc.


Bold360 has considerable expertise in solving some of the most common customer support predicaments modern businesses find themselves in.

These include dealing with the restrictions of legacy systems, the demands of growth, and the need to provide top notch customer experiences.

To this end the company provides great chat features, customer email organization, website self service features that are interactive and don't operate like an FAQ, Facebook Messenger and Twitter management, text support, and video chat. 


Bold360 offers 3 plan levels with increasing degrees of sophistication.

The Starter plan provides Bold360 live chat experience, the Plus plan is augmented by omni-channel engagement and support, and the A.I. package comes with all previous features but is powered by artificial intelligence.

It is difficult to make a coherent call on price as customers must request a quote regardless of the plan.